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The Foundation for Life is a fully operational residential facility for men battling addictions to drugs and alcohol. The twelve step program of recovery, Christian counseling, and our faith in God are what makes this program work. The Foundation is a twelve month residential transitional program.
The Foundation for Life's philosophy is to provide a Christian environment in which men suffering from drug and alcohol addictions, discover a new life - drug and alcohol free. Our four-fold treatment approach: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional, bring a balanced whole to the individual. We have developed a warm, confidential, and safe environment renowned in the Central Florida area for helping men and their families reach their goals. 
Our purpose is to provide a spiritually grounded, residential program of recovery through long term care and commitment, so that men can regain their strengths, rebuild family relationships, rejoin the community and strengthen their relationship with God. 

The journey to recovery from drugs and alcohol, is a long and often difficult road to travel. No matter how hard others have tried to disprove it, there is always one common denominator on the path to recovery. And that is God. For some of us, the road to spirituality was long and tedious. But in the end, the awakening far outweighs the tribulations along the way. Without our faith in God and our fellow man, we cannot remain drug and alcohol free.






I have enjoyed watching the impact that this ministry has had on the lives of the men who have come and gone through our church, Pine Castle UMC. It is an amazing organization and you will be not only blessed by it, but transformed by it.


Seth Williams
The Chalk Dude International


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