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How It Works

How does it work? Really...

First of all, members wanting to come into our program must be ready and willing to surrender themselves to the work that will be necessary to maintain long-term sobriety. Maintaining sobriety, although hard work, is also a simple process. Members must also be open minded enough to allow God to reveal himself, be willing to follow some basic fundamental rules of a program of sobriety, and keep the commitment they have made to themselves upon entering the Foundation for Life residential program. Only after a time will the miracle take place that will lead to a fruitful and fulfilling life in sobriety.


We believe that our clients feel better about themselves when they are employed. Therefore, all of our members must be gainfully employed or seeking employment. We believe one month is more than enough time to begin working and if a client is unable to find employment by that time we re-evaluate if the Foundation is the right enviroment for their recovery. Also, our men are not allowed to work in the evenings or on Sundays. We are a group of men that are self-supporting in our recovery, and actively participating in the financial security of the Foundation as a whole.


In the evenings we attend outside A.A. meetings, in addition twice a week we have a certified addictions counselor who provides group sessions. Weekly in-house 12 step Bible study and Sunday church service are also part of the clients schedule. Basic lifeskills handouts are prepared and require completion as part of the phasing structure as well as aquiring a sponsor for individual guidance through the 12 steps.

How Do You Succeed?

The Foundation for Life cannot overstress the element of personal accountability. Our past behaviors and addictive lifestyles brought most of us to the point of personal destruction. Once at this point, we realized that we were destroying the lives of those we cared about the most. Taking responsibility for the damaging effects of our past behaviors is imperative. We are who we are because of the choices we have made in our lives, and we become who we are meant to be by practicing God's will in our lives.


The Foundation is not here to change the mistakes of the past, but to help us see that God guides us in our future choices. This takes a personal commitment on our part; without which we will not succeed in this program. The inability to follow rules and requirements is a sure sign that we are not willing to go to any length to recover. Sadly, some of those have decided that they are not ready for what God has to offer and must be asked to leave. We always pray for them, and many do come back and are successful in their life changing experience.


We can show what this program has done for countless men whose lives have changed because of the completion of the 12 steps, and their relationship with God.

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