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Here's How You Start

Notice to all applicants: Failure to disclose information on this application, and withhold or provide false information while completing this application in detail regarding criminal, and/or medical history is grounds for immediate termination from this program. Full disclosure is required for entrance into the Foundation for Life Program.


Notice to referring agents: Please include your name and email address or phone number. If you need a letter of acceptance for a client, your email address is the prefered method, if you preffer it to be faxed please include your fax number. Court dates/Release Dates and entrance dates are needed in order to place clients effectively, any application that does not include these dates will be discarded.


Fields marked (*) are required. Please fill out every field required, indicated by a *. If a field does not apply to you then just type in n/a or your application will not go through.


Fill out completely, any incomplete application will not be recieved!


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